Refine Value Chain and Operations Performance

Understanding the flow and dependencies within a value chain is critical to building high-performing business operations. Successful businesses establish a clear set of performance metrics and implement a system to monitor and report progress across all components of the value chain. In some cases, these systems are poorly implemented or have become overly complicated — resulting in a diminished ability to respond to changing conditions.

Avistas professionals and network consultants are highly qualified to support our clients in this area. We apply years of direct experience to help eliminate redundancies, barriers and unnecessary dependencies in the value chain while implementing key business performance indicators and orchestrating fragmented project portfolios.

Here are some examples of how Avistas has helped our clients to achieve success in the following areas:

  • Identification and implementation of key business performance indicators.
  • Coordination and orchestration fragmented project portfolios.
  • Simplification of key value chains (e.g., Supply, Demand, Shared Service, etc.) and elimination of redundancies, barriers and unnecessary dependencies.
  • Solutions to effectively classify and report all relevant metrics.